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Double Vision & Humility

For over six months I have worked through and lived with having double vision. It’s not very much fun. The doctors have no idea why I’m seeing double. Mostly it is relegated to my right peripheral vision, but there are bad days when I see double throughout my field of vision. I...

The Paradoxical Commandments

These came up at small group last night and I decided to share them. The website is at the bottom and they have a Facebook page of course. The Paradoxical Commandments by Dr. Kent M. Keith People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway. If you do good,...

Widji Traditions/Culture #4

Theme/Fun Meals One utensil – using any old kitchen cooking utensil available. Campers draw out of a bus bin as they enter the Longhouse. You could end up with a spatula, beater, tongs or something stranger. A pasta meal is one of the funniest to watch for this one. Twins –...

Battle Of The Ends!

Imagine your heart is pounding, palms are sweating, you’re cheering so loud it hurts, you’re staring down your competition and the sound of fierce excitement stings your ears. You can’t sit still, you’re anxious to win, you fight to win, you must win. THIS, is the Battle of the...

Why Widjiitiwin?

Guest Blog by Mozi I often get asked, why did I every start coming to a small camp like Widjiitiwin, and what is it that keeps bringing me back?    For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Mozi, (not to be mistaken with Aussie, Mossy or any other interpretation) I’m from a...

Widji Traditions/Culture #3

Cabin Special – Every Thursday afternoon the cabin leaders have the opportunity to do something special with just their cabin. It ranges from our regular camp activities to cliff jumping, an afternoon at the beach, etc. It amazes me that the cabin leaders leave it to the last...

A Favourite Widji Dessert

Summer at camp is a great time to eat lots of food and even for dessert. At camp we gather together three times a day seven days a week to eat together like a big family. For the past two years one of the favorite camp desserts at Widjiitiwin is one that is unnamed but always...

Widji Traditions/Culture # 2

Fruit Social – Each week we have Blast or Sizzle camps we have a Fruit Social. After chapel the kitchen staff lays out large trays of fruit for Sunday night snack. While that happens the campers and staff go down to their cabins to get “ready”. The sound guys and program staff...

Widji Traditions/Culture # 1

Named Meals – Sub Sunday, Taco Tuesday, Waffle Wednesday and French Toast Fridays, I tried to change some of these my first summer to great resistance. I did manage to add diced chicken to the Taco Tuesday meal, but the rest are well intact.   Dream Scream – happens on Friday...

The Last Two Weeks

In the last two weeks at Camp Widjiitiwin we have welcomed 45 summer staff, 22 TNT campers, 21 SALTers (3-week camp leadership program), we’ve served 2,739 meals, made 5 trips to the Huntsville hospital for various injuries, had 14 chapel services with 8 different speakers, sung...