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Bend for Your Elves

I’m not sure this happens at your house, but it sure does at ours. That is sometimes you just don’t want to cook supper and it is preferred to tell your family to fend for themselves. We had this one day, but in a noisy house it was done as charades so that “fend for yourselves”...

An HR Review of Jesus’ Disciples

TO: Jesus, Son of Joseph Woodcrafters Carpenter Shop Nazareth 25922 FROM: Jordan Management Consultants Jerusalem 26544 Dear Sir: Thank you for submitting the resumes of the twelve men you have picked for management positions in your new organization. All of them have now taken...

Seafood Chowder

This isn’t my usual blog post, but I just finished making a pot of this seafood chowder and decided to share. I have been looking for a seafood chowder recipe for a while and couldn’t find one I liked. SO, I set out to put together a list of ingredients that I liked...

Widji Fall 2012 Update

Camp is very quiet this week as we head into the fall season. The campers and staff all left on the Labour Day weekend, a small group helped clean camp, prepare for and run a youth retreat for 77 youth we hosted and now it’s just me on property closing up after a great season of...

I’m Passionate about Leadership

I’m passionate about leadership. I like being a leader, I like teaching the next generation of leaders and helping them discover their potential. I like working alongside people to create a greater good. I love the opportunity each summer to teach our SALT (Skills And Leadership...

What Makes Camp Widjiitiwin Unique?

Camp Widjiitiwin – the way camp was meant to be… relational, central, natural, reaching out, a loving community focused on Christ. It’s like coming home, it’s my camp! When camp is over at the end of the summer and the campers and staff all go home it isn’t so much the...

Double Vision & Humility

For over six months I have worked through and lived with having double vision. It’s not very much fun. The doctors have no idea why I’m seeing double. Mostly it is relegated to my right peripheral vision, but there are bad days when I see double throughout my field of vision. I...

The Paradoxical Commandments

These came up at small group last night and I decided to share them. The website is at the bottom and they have a Facebook page of course. The Paradoxical Commandments by Dr. Kent M. Keith People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway. If you do good,...

Widji Traditions/Culture #4

Theme/Fun Meals One utensil – using any old kitchen cooking utensil available. Campers draw out of a bus bin as they enter the Longhouse. You could end up with a spatula, beater, tongs or something stranger. A pasta meal is one of the funniest to watch for this one. Twins –...

Battle Of The Ends!

Imagine your heart is pounding, palms are sweating, you’re cheering so loud it hurts, you’re staring down your competition and the sound of fierce excitement stings your ears. You can’t sit still, you’re anxious to win, you fight to win, you must win. THIS, is the Battle of the...