So you’re arrived home after the drive home from Camp Widjiitiwin. You left your son or daughter with us for the week. By now they have done their swim test, met their cabin leaders and all the other campers in their cabin, had dinner (Sub Sunday) and are out on the field for our opening activities, an all camp pic and cabin photos. Then they’ll be off to chapel and either another activity or back to their cabins depending on their age. 

Now what? 

Here are ten things we suggest you do this week while we take care of your kids. 

  1. Go on a date (not to Costco)!
  2. Go see a movie you wouldn’t take the kids to
  3. Pray for your child, the staff and camp
  4. Make food that your kids don’t really like, but you love (Moose suggests steak with a loaded baked potato and sauteed onions and mushrooms)
  5. Sleep through the night and sleep late in the morning
  6. Read a book that doesn’t have pictures and four lines per page
  7. Enjoy your clean home for a week
  8. Don’t watch kid shows on TV
  9. Go out for lunch with a friend, guilt free
  10. Spend a night at MBC and take in their ministry and recreation. 
  11. Bonus! Enjoy some adult conversations with no interruptions. 

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