Brick, brick, brick, window, brick, brick, brick, brick, wheels, brick, brick, brick, door, brick, brick, brick, brick… What is it you may ask? To find out you’ll have to come to our Lego week and discover the adventure at Camp Widjiitiwin.
Destination: Australia
WIDJI: the land down under, home of kangaroos, koalas, big snakes and crocs of course. Plus you’ll discover boomerangs, didgeridoos and chicken on the “barbie”. We’ll head deep into the outback to search for the elusive ten foot high Kangaroo beast that lives in the forest.
Survivor Widji
Outplay, Outcamp, Outlast… This week at Widji will test your metal against other tribes in challenge after challenge. Win some, lose some, get the reward, but who will win the “immunity trophy” and avoid tribal council? Which tribe will be the ultimate survivor? Who will survive tribal council where someone WILL be voted into the river?
Western Town
Go ahead, make my week… cowboys and cowgirls will enjoy this week where the sheriff is the law, the wranglers will lead great activities and we’ll enjoy some awesome chow in the Longhouse. Plus there’s great treats at the General Store. Grab your cowboy hat and boots and mosey on over to Widji for a fun western week. Try yer hand at lassoing, target shootin’, bronco riding, and stop by the sheriff’s office to see who’s in jail. Y’all come to camp now.
Take chances, make mistakes, get messy! In the 90’s Magic School Bus and Miss Frizzle ruled the airwaves. Bill Nye the science guy intrigued us, Arthur ruled the playground, no one knew where in the world was Carmen Sandiego and we collected beanie babies, Tomagotchi & Pogs. Come to Widji and be ready when the “bus does its stuff” and you’re “Saved by the Bell!”

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