2015 Themes
2015 Widji Themes

The Camp Widjiitiwin 2015 program themes are… Space Camp, Destination: Egypt, Cartoons & Comics and Pirates vs. Ninjas.

Space Camp: Not too long from now, at a camp not so far, far away… you arrive at Widji Mission Control for a week of space training camp. Step out of the cold vacuum of space and kick off your moonboots in Mission Control or float up to “Astronaut Supply Depot for some refreshments. While we haven’t yet worked out the weightlessness training we will have Widji basketball and that’s pretty close.

Destination: Egypt: Campers will travel back to the days of the Pharaohs to discover the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Create a pharaoh self-portrait, participate in the flooding of the “Nile” River, make a mummy competition and dig for artifacts. Travel the “desert” by “camel”, check out the 30′ pyramid and try our version of manna!

Cartoons & Comics: Who is your favourite cartoon or comic character? You could choose to come as anyone from Calvin (or Hobbes) to Garfield or Archie to Captain America and Scooby Do.

Pirates vs. Ninjas: Who will win this epic battle? Pirates are awesome! and tough! They have hooks for hands and cannons and swords and names like “One Eyed Sam” and “Peg Leg Pete.” According to folklore, Giggz is a pirate! …But then there are Ninjas. Ninjas don’t care if you think they are tough plus they have swords and nunchucks. Ninjas taught Chuck Norris how to fight. As legend has it, Tumnus is a ninja.

What week will you join us for next summer?

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