The themes for 2017 are: Destination Greece, Nintendo & The Round Table

Destination Greece

Follow the pathway though the labyrinth to Greece camp. You’ll experience a mix of ancient and modern Greek traditions, food and games. Enter through the bold columns into the Longhouse for some famous Greek recipes like souvlaki, gyros & Pantespani. Choose and armour your best gladiator for the games, search for ancient civilizations, join in the Olympic style competitions.


Mario and other characters from the Nintendo world need your help! Wii have a fantastic adventure planned where you will have to super smash Donkey Kong and his team of villains in time to save the Princess so Excite Bike your way to Marioland in the final fantasy of the summer and join in the fun and games!

The Round Table

Here ye! Here ye! Knights and princesses of the great land of Britain! All the most noble and stout of heart, all the most gentle and spritely of spirit are invited – nay, implored! – to make way to join King Arthur at The Round Table! From feasts to fiery dragons, from peasants to princesses – shine your armour, feather your fans and adventure with us through the Middle Ages! Chivalry – Rivalry – Revelry

How many Widji logos did you find in our themes picture at the top? 

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