As most of you know, I (Moose) have been on sick leave this summer from camp as a result of health issues (dizziness that had become debilitating over the spring months).

As of today, I am 38 days without dizziness. This hasn’t happened since in probably two years. However, my energy and stamina are still lower than I would like, which I find frustrating as I want to be doing more, including getting back to camp.

It has been SO strange not to be at Widji this summer. The goal is for me to have the time required to heal. While I don’t have a set date for returning to camp, I will do that as soon as I am healthy and able. 

I had an appointment with my specialist in Barrie last Tuesday. He is happy with my progress and I don’t see him again until October. I have also had some medication changes that have contributed to my healing. 

I very much appreciate the cards, emails an calls! Your continued prayer is treasured.


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