Why every kid should go to camp: 8 more reasons

  1. Camp helps with mental stimulation
  2. Camp builds resilience. This is a culmination of many of the above benefits. New friendships, confidence, independence, sense of belonging. All of these things contribute to the development of your child as they make strides from being a kid to a strong, considerate, competent adult. kids have opportunities to build resilience by occasionally struggling when they try new activities.
  3. Camp instills appreciation and gratitude. And let’s not forget, time away from home helps kids appreciate home, their parents, their belongings, a meal cooked by mom or dad, and everything else they don’t have at camp.
  4. Camp helps them face challenges and learn the value of hard work. Because they feel safe at camp, youngsters are comfortable taking healthy risks, setting personal goals and realizing their dreams.
  5. Camp builds character. On top of making new friends, campers also develop an appreciation for the qualities required to cultivate and strengthen these relationships. Camp provides children with the core values of a strong, moral individual by teaching them about ethics, honesty, caring, respect and responsibility.
  6. Camp gets them active by encouraging physical activity. Many effectively ban cell phones and computers, so kids can truly take advantage of all summertime has to offer.
  7. Camp is one of the places where you can truly be yourself.
  8. Camp gives wonderful memories for the future. It’s a time of new discoveries that will stay with children long into adulthood.

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