campfireBy guest blogger Sue Wigston…

35 years.  It’s incredible how much has changed and how much has stayed the same!  35 years ago, I spent my first week at Widjiitiwin as a camper. My parents would send me for one week, and I would save for the entire year to be able to stay for a second. Every year when I arrived, it was like a continuation of the year before. Great friends, great staff, silly songs, and crazy games.
I spent three summers on staff as both a cabin leader and Program team. I look back on those summers and am thankful for so many things; friendships that still exist today with campers and staff, an opportunity to grow in my own personal faith, and the skills required to share it with confidence.
When my kids each turned 7, I was so excited to sign them up and take them to Widjiitiwin. I remember being a little nervous, “What if they did not love it as much as I did?  What if it has changed?” Their experiences at TNT, Blast, Sizzle and S.A.L.T have all reinforced their love for camp.
In 2 months, I will drop off my two oldest boys for 10 weeks. They will spend their summer cabin leading and washing dishes. They will make lifelong friends, have sleepless nights and do crazy things they would never normally do. They will leave the stress of ‘the real world’ and enjoy being young. They will be challenged in their faith and challenge others in their own.  
The world has changed a lot in 35 years, I am so glad that some things have stayed the same.
Sue Wigston (Wiltse)
aka Schmoo

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