Hello Camp Widjiitiwin Alumni!tbt92

Camp will always be a special part of all of our lives and many of our staff and campers, and we would like to give that same experience to all those campers and staff for years to come. We would like to keep you updated on all that is happening with Camp Widjiitiwin and to make you aware of how you can help to better improve the camp you once called home.

You can sign up to receive email updates from Widji by following this link and filling in your information through the Constant Contact service we employ and click the Widjiitiwin Alumni box.

We’re looking for updates on where people are now, what you are doing and stories about how your life was affected when you were at camp and how that makes a difference for you now. Please pass along this information to as many Widji alumni as you can.

There are many ways you can help Widjiitiwin if you want to. First, of course, is to pray for the current ministry, the staff, the camp pastors, safety, etc. Some can also help out financially through donations of money or Gifts in Kind. We would also appreciate any help you can give us for our work weekends and more… There is additional information about these options on the “How you can get involved page” on the website.

I’m also looking for information on past camp directors and when they served. If you can assist with this for the “history of camp” page, please email me. I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to email at mike@mycamp.ca
Serving Him together,

Mike Greenfield

General Director
Camp Widjiitiwin