underthebusWhy does Adam throw Eve under the bus in the garden of Eden? Okay, so there wasn’t an actual bus, but picture this!

God creates the world, then He creates man, then He creates woman out of man, by taking a rib. So Adam has a lot of knowledge about the garden of Eden, which he teaches Eve. All about the animals, fish, birds and of course the trees in the garden. Then when they are tempted by the snake, he watches as Eve eats first and waits to see if she might die. Then he east some and the rest is history, we have the fall and sin enters into the world. 

Throughout much of history, Eve has been blamed for eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and causing Adam & Eve to be kicked out of the garden. This has been used to justify a lot of things against women. Certainly Eve bears responsibility for eating the fruit. She knew just as well as Adam that God had forbidden it. But who’s fault was the “fall” really?

Look closer at Genesis 3: 6-12. Adam was standing right next to Eve. At any point he could have stepped in and said, “you know Serpent, that’s not really what God said.” He could have even said, “Eve, I have a bad feeling about this. Let’s ask God next time we see him.”

Almost anything Adam would have done would have been better than what he did. Which was nothing.
Adam stood by and watched. He gave up all the authority God had given him and simply sat by.

Adam knew all along what was at stake. But it was easier for him to sit by. Oh, and for the record, at Adam’s first chance to tell the truth to God, he threw Eve under the bus. How differently things would have turned out if Adam had said, “God, this is my fault, I didn’t do anything. I knew better. I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

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