CWwbPy7WEAESGF7I’m sitting in my favourite chair at home, being generally good about not moving too far or too fast. A week ago Sunday I did something to my knee that caused me significant pain. Turns out I probably wrecked the meniscus or a ligament on the inside of my left knee. I tore the cartilage on the other knee as a teen. Since I can only “rest” it has given me a little time to pause and reflect. 

  • As we age we gain wisdom and experience and knowledge and perspective and maturity. We also discover what we value like family & friends and our faith. Each of these contributes to making us a better person and more capable of helping/leading others. 
  • We also fall apart faster. Things like knees, ankles, eye sight & energy have gone down hill for me. I still have my hips & hearing (not counting the selectivity kind of hearing I occasionally get accused of). In case you’re not sure, aging can suck!

Several axioms come to mind. 

  • I’m old enough to know better, but young enough to do it again
  • Inside every man is a grade 8 boy waiting to get into trouble
  • Now my body says, “You can’t do this boy”, But my pride says, “Oh, yes you can”! I ain’t as good as I once was. by Toby Keith
  • Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional. 
  • I don’t know how to act my age, I’ve never been this age before. 

Some regular Aleve, ice packs and rest have helped a lot in making me feel better. I’m looking forward to a great year in 2016. Back to work today! 🙂 

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