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40 Years as Moose

40 years is a lot of tradition. I first got my camp name back when I was 16 and working at Camp Ambassador. That summer every one new was named for an Archie comics character and since I was the biggest guy, Moose it was. It was also the year I grew my beard, though it had much...

The Chronicles of Widjiitiwin

This summer our camp theme is Narnia! The forests around Camp Widjiitiwin are not the friendly Hundred Acre Wood of Christopher’s childhood days. The bears here do not eat honey and a lion, not Tiggers, roam these royal lands. But hope and spring are on the way for Aslan has been...

What Would My 16 Year Old Self Would Say to Me?

Lately I’ve been wondering, “What Would My 16 Year Old Self Would Say to Me?” That’s him on the right.  Nice beard! Aren’t you glad I started it? But what happened to the colour? And where did all my hair go? I saw you on Facebook. Sure glad we...

I Was An Orphan

World Adoption Day – was this past Saturday, November 9, 2019 I was adopted at the age of 6 months having spent that time in foster care. I have friends and a niece and nephew who are adopted. It creates a special bond between us.  At a conference focused on adoption and...

Carver’s Cardinal Virtues

I’ve been reading a book called, Chosen for Greatness; How Adoption Changes the World by Paul Batura and was one of the stories was about George Washington Carver. His life was not easy, but he had some great influences in his life including being adopted by Moses and Susan...

Widji 2019 by the Numbers

Here are some of the numbers from our 2019 summer at Widji! Weeks of camp – 9 Decisions for Christ – 56 TNT & Blast & Sizzle campers – 195 (7 day campers)  Ignite Partnership campers – 319 SALTers – 18 (72 camper weeks) Aspire campers –...

The Greatest Gift

As Thanksgiving approaches, we often pause to think about the things and people we are grateful for. It cased me to wonder, “What is the greatest gift you have ever received?”. I have a few that come to my mind.  Life by my birth mother, though she could have chosen...

All For One by Dan Bolin

“Gifts are not for a few but for all, and every believer has abilities which the Holy Spirit has given and can use to strengthen others. And it is the supreme joy of life to discover what they are and then pour yourself out to others through these gifts. And you will find them if...

Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem

Luke 19:41-42 And when he drew near and saw the city (Jerusalem), he wept over it, saying, “Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for peace!” Jesus is approaching the city, coming down from the Mount of Olives, he is able to see over all of...

Days Without Sin: 0

I heard a story recently of a Christian man in Brazil who determined he was going to stop sinning. An excellent goal to be sure and something for which we should all strive. He tried and tried and started to eliminate some sins. He had to get away from the distractions in his...