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The Christian Leaders Creed

The Christian Leaders Creed I cannot do many things. I cannot control everything. I cannot change or fix anyone. I cannot explain many things. I cannot meet everyone’s expectations. I cannot dodge the tough questions, decisions, or tasks. I cannot concern myself with who gets the...

Campers Teaching Staff

When coming to camp this year, I wondered how God would use me in camper’s lives as we ministered as a team to the hundreds of campers that would come to camp this summer. Now that our team is halfway through the summer, I truly wonder how much I impacted campers throughout my...

Failing with Dignity

New leaders need to be able to practice in an environment where they can “fail with dignity”. Camp offers that opportunity to be coached & grow in new skills. We practice this with our SALTers in our Skills And Leadership Training program. Our SALTers have the...

Cinnamon Roll Cake

Cinnamon Roll Cake has quickly become one of the most popular desserts at Camp Widjiitiwin this summer. We started this at home and amped up the cinnamon by a factor of three or four. Of course, we make it about 10 times bigger than this. So here you have it. Cake: 3 cups flour...

2013 Summer Camp Evaluations & 2014 Weeks

Here are the 2013 evaluations so you can tell us how we did this summer. Please note that all evaluations given online are anonymous, so if you have a problem that you would like us to address, please email the details to the camp director, Mike Greenfield, mike@mycamp.ca. Survey...

God goes ahead of us… again

Yesterday at Widji the UV filter unit in our water pump house went down and a new one had to be ordered. Of course this isn’t one of those ones you can just go pick up at Canadian Tire or Home Depot. That meant no water at camp for another day as the new one was shipped in...

It’s that time again

It’s that time again. Tomorrow after my last exam at school, I am beginning my journey up to camp. I won’t be returning till September 1st, 2 days before my crazy grade 12 year begins. This is my third summer working at camp, and every year has been so different, but the common...

black belt

by Dan Bolin, www.cciworldwide.org, @CCIWorldwide Last week I watched a young friend earn his black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. The audience applauded as each young person was recognized; white belts earned yellow belts, yellow belts earned orange belts, orange belts earned green belts,...

Seven Grandfathers’ Teachings

I’ve been looking for a new and creative way to convey to the campers how to get along well at camp. Then I discovered this story native about seven grandfathers who teach a great lesson. Here it is: The Ojibway story of the seven grandfathers’ teachings was passed down...

Every Child Deserves to go to Camp!

Dear Camp Widjiitiwin Partner, It’s all about relationships! That’s true of campers and cabin leaders; staff and leadership; donors and camp. We are stronger together and can accomplish more for the Kingdom’s sake when we work together. In the last five years we have built some...