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Summer Camp Pastors 2013

I wanted you to know more about the summer camp pastors that will be speaking in our Camp Widjiitiwin chapels this summer. Matt (Newb) Naismith Matt Naismith lives with his wife, Andrea, in Guelph, Ontario, and serves as the Teaching Pastor for Student and Young Adult Ministries...

Two Wolves Live Inside Me

There is a profound Cherokee fable involving a conversation between a young boy and his wise old grandfather. One evening, as the two of them sat together by the fire, the old man began to teach his young progeny – as wise old grandfathers are wont to do – about the...

Out Trip Memories

Hi Everyone, It’s Citavo (Camp Widji’s Salt Director)…Right now I’m sitting in the longhouse planning some exciting things for our SALT program this summer. Just a recap for those who don’t know-SALT or Skills and Leadership Training is a three week program for 14 to 17 year olds...

I See a Generation Rising

I have taken this title from a line in the popular song by Brook Fraser called, “Hosanna”. It has been my privilege over these last many years to work with amazing young Christian teens and adults who are living their lives for Christ. Every summer they come to camp as dish...

Mealtime Songs

It’s part of our schedule at Camp Widjiitiwin to sing a song and pray before every meal. We have lots of songs to choose from and sing them loud and proud as part of a camp-life tradition. Here are some of the songs we sing: Walking with the Lord Fresh Prince Pizza Hut Superman...

Props, Costumes and Stuff for 2013

If you have any of these items and are willing to donate them or loan them to Camp Widjiitiwin, we would greatly appreciate it and these items will help enhance our summer program themes. Items can be dropped off at MBC/Camp Widjiitiwin. We may be able to pick up some items....

Political Attack Ad Screw Up

Sometimes I get angry at stuff I see on TV. I’ve even been known to shout at contestants on programs, even though I know they can’t hear me. This week the Federal Conservative government of Canada put out an attack ad against Justin Trudeau as the new leader of the Liberal party...


Fifty, the BIG 5-O. I made it! It’s been a great birthday. As far as the big milestones, I guess this is one of those, but I don’t really feel like I’ve crossed some great divide. Thursday was dinner with my beautiful wife for wings at Kelsey’s. Friday was dinner at East Side...

Welcome to our new Widji website

Welcome to the new website. I’m glad you have joined us. For a while now our old website has been malfunctioning, getting tired and the program was no longer supported so we re-branded and relaunched here at www.widjiitiwin.ca. I’m excited to unveil to you this new...

2013 Widji Themes

Lego Brick, brick, brick, window, brick, brick, brick, brick, wheels, brick, brick, brick, door, brick, brick, brick, brick… What is it you may ask? To find out you’ll have to come to our Lego week and discover the adventure at Camp Widjiitiwin. Destination: Australia WIDJI: the...