Pray as our campers and staff as they go back to school todayThe next few weeks are full of some very important transitions and developments.

Pray for ..

  • Youth who are making the transition into high school
  • Children and youth who know the Lord
    • to resist negative peer pressure
    • to have strength and peace in the middle of some values at school that are not godly
    • to have grace and wisdom beyond their years in their response
  • The witness for Christ by our children and youth, teachers and parents in their schools
  • Christian young adults heading away to college & university that they would
    • find Christian friends
    • a church to attend
    • a campus ministry group
    • Also to be strong in their faith and go forward in ministry for the Lord
  • For non Christian college & university students that they would hear the life changing message of Jesus and many would come to know the Lord and live a lifetime of service for Him.

Thank you for praying for our summer staff and campers as they go back to school

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