I’m not sure this happens at your house, but it sure does at ours. That is sometimes you just don’t want to cook supper and it is preferred to tell your family to fend for themselves. We had this one day, but in a noisy house it was done as charades so that “fend for yourselves” came out as “bend for your elves”.  Now it has become a “house classic” and even made it in to our family cookbook. Enjoy this many optioned meal from the kitchen of the Greenfields.

  • Use whatever you can find in the fridge, freezer, cupboards, pantry, on the counter, or other places food is stored in your house.


  • Combine several ingredients together to make a new dish or an old favourite.
  • Use as many ingredients as possible
  • You can choose to eat it cold or hot
  • Cooking options include microwaving, baking, frying, BBQing, steaming, toasting, searing, boiling, sautéing, etc.
  • Condiments are always popular so try a new one or just hot sauce


  • Each portion is an individual serving
  • Some favourites include 12 kinds of cereal in one bowl
  • Grilled cheese with various additional ingredients
  • Nachos loaded with lots of cheese (this is especially excellent on Sunday nights and is one of my favourites)

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