11215810_1035149849843361_7044489626090773057_nCamp Widjiitiwin is run by youth!

It’s plain enough if you sit and watch them. I did this one night back in the summer before dinner while sitting on the fireplace. I was smiling. I was very happy with my staff this summer. They’re did a great job!!! You should see them go. They all do their jobs like they’ve been taught and for the most part it runs like clockwork. As an example, two young cooks put out a meal for 110 campers and staff including lasagna, garlic bread and Greek salad with cookies for dessert. Sure, sometimes they mess us, they’re loud, occasionally careless and overly exuberant. But they have such passion and ability to grow and learn and lead. 

From my youngest staff to my oldest leader, they are kids. At least, at 52 this summer, they are all kids to me. And they are all leaders at camp! My head cook, assistant director and SALT director are all just 20 years old. My registrar is 19 and so on it goes through my staff. They are kids leading other kids to minister to the campers, more kids. It’s SO wonderful to watch and lead them. 

Recently McDonald’s Restaurants have been running ads about how they value youth. That has been happening at camps for years. At camps we give students an amazing amount of responsibility at a very young age. At 17 they can be cabin leaders, responsible for the lives of 8 campers. My senior summer leaders are between 19 and 23 years old. They can do SO much! 

They are also the church, creatively demonstrating the gospel each day to campers and each other. They will not become the church when they hit a certain age, they are the church now. 

Camp Widjiitiwin – the way camp was meant to be… relational, central, natural, reaching out, a loving community focused on Christ. It’s like coming home, it’s my camp!

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  1. Thank you Mike,for giving my girls the opportunity to serve, to learn, to grow both spiritually and in maturity. They both came home exhausted. They have had and still have so many stories to tell..the excitment of God’s blessings, challenges and victories and wonderful camp memories. The true testament of working at Camp Widjiitiwin is the eager anticipation of returning to camp to work next summer as they ease their tired bodies into their own comfy bed at home after another great summer!

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