Every summer at Widjiitiwin we have an excellent group of summer camp pastors who each give a week of their time to be at camp to teach the Bible to campers and staff. We highly value the time these men invest into teaching God’s Word, the staff and campers.

Our camp pastors for #Widji17 are:

  • Escape Camp – Hughson Staff
  • TNT 1 & Blast 1 – Chipstack
  • TNT 2 & Blast 2 – Ice
  • Fresh Air Camp –Joose
  • Royal City Camp – Newb
  • TNT 3 & Blast 3 – Boyardee
  • Venture Camp – Nemo & Sad Sac
  • Sizzle – Sherlock
  • Ephraim’s Place – Optimus Prime

This summer we welcome all our camp pastors and their families! Please pray for these men as they pray, prepare and give their time to impact the Kingdom of God at Widjiitiwin.

Camp Widjiitiwin – the way camp was meant to be… relational, central, natural, reaching out, a loving community focused on Christ. It’s like coming home. It’s my camp!

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