162646_178646685493686_4076189_nCamp Widjiitiwin is seeking a new ministry partnership for the summer of 2014. Widjiitiwin is such an amazing experience in the life of campers and staff alike. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience it. Camp allows for deep growth in the whole person (mental, physical, spiritual and social; Luke 2:52 – and Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and men). With a 24/6 time frame so much interaction can happen in the relationships between campers and staff that is not possible in any other setting.

Based upon common spiritual and life impact objectives, both partners will work together to create an experience that will have the greatest possible impact upon youth, to the glory of God.  Youth leaders can focus on relationship building while Camp Widjiitiwin will focus on providing quality programming, facilities and service to the campers at an affordable cost.

This model provides life changing impact prior to camp, at camp and long after the camp experience because they are coming with leaders that will follow them up in their home community.  There is a continuity of relationship with campers as they transition from and back into their permanent community.

Camp Widjiitiwin will:

  • Focus on providing high quality programming and facility resources
  • Provide skilled instructors for activities including adequate supervision
  • Provide buffet style meals to be served in the Camp Widjiitiwin Longhouse.  Meals are a big part of the day at Widjiitiwin to help create an enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Provide programming including wide games, all camp games, campfires, Tuck shop, etc.
  • Sample program schedules and menus are available for several age groups

Partnering group will:

  • Recruit campers and cabin leaders
  • Provide a camp pastor for their chapel services
  • Coordinate program with Widjiitiwin staff
  • Coach campers and volunteers through the registration process

We are also open for weekend church youth group retreats in the spring and fall. For a complete information package contact Mike Greenfield, Director at mike@mycamp.ca or 1-800-551-0168.

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