Widji Staff 2013This blog post is on the withdrawal feelings after leaving camp, going from community to loneliness where others just don’t understand why you’re always talking about camp and the people you met there. Earlier this fall, Jake Hildebrand coined the term PCDS or Post Camp Depression Syndrome. Its often called “camp-sickness” or camp withdrawal. Whatever you call it you just want to be back at Widji. Its totally understandable. Here are 25 suggestions you might try when you miss camp:

  1. crab walk around your house for your mail
  2. sing really loud before each meal, even in restaurants
  3. go star spinning
  4. do your own cabin devos after breakfast
  5. bang out rhythms with a spoon during meals
  6. refuse to have a shower
  7. paint perma-tan onto your feet
  8. use a weird utensil to eat dinner
  9. write letters to staff or other campers
  10. post camp pictures to your Facebook and tag Widji in them
  11. write a guest blog for the Widji website and send it to Moose (mike@mycamp.ca)
  12. dress up like one of the cabin leaders and post a picture to Facebook
  13. dream scream your neighbours
  14. do morning monkeys and words of wisdom for your family
  15. shout freeze in the school cafeteria and see what happens
  16. start a countdown to Widji 2014
  17. watch the 2013 summer videos  at https://vimeo.com/campwidjiitiwin
  18. clean your room and ask for an ice cream party on Friday night
  19. eat pudding without using a spoon
  20. cheer for EVERYTHING!
  21. have rest period after lunch, maybe not at school
  22. bundle up for campfire, sing some crazy songs
  23. try to be nice to those around you that just don’t understand missing camp
  24. be ready when the camp applications go online in early December (both for campers and staff)
  25. come to Widjiitiwin Snow camp January 31 – February 2, 2014 (Blast & older)

You can’t really live the camp life at home. That’s one of the things that makes camp so special. See you in 2014

Camp Widjiitiwin – the way camp was meant to be… relational, central, natural, reaching out, a loving community focused on Christ. It’s like coming home, it’s my camp!

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