When coming to camp this year, I wondered how God would use me in camper’s lives as TNT-groupwe ministered as a team to the hundreds of campers that would come to camp this summer. Now that our team is halfway through the summer, I truly wonder how much I impacted campers throughout my three years of working at camp. While I thought about this, I remembered the times that I learned something amazing from my campers. When you come to camp, it is remarkable how much these younger kids can be so involved with God.

Two weeks ago, we were ending our second Blast/TNT week. We always end of our older weeks with a serious campfire, a time where staff members can share their testimonies, where campers can share their impact from the week and where campers can truly focus on God before they leave the next day. After some testimonies, we opened up to the campers to ask how their relationship with God had changed throughout the week. Right away, a boy camper started sharing about his life back home and the friends he had made this week. After he spoke, another guy spoke up about how the cabin leaders were here to be ones that they could count on and how their friends in their cabin are so spiritual. One after another, guys kept speaking about their own life outside of camp and how God has transformed them. Stories of bullying, hard times and adventures were told and it was incredible here. I was thinking of telling my testimony that night, but I think that their own testimonies connected not only to other campers, but to the staff as well.

If you hadn’t figured out by now, it is really difficult to get a young boy to open up about their struggles and relationship with God. However, this one Friday night the Lord shined down on our camp and taught me something. I am going into my second year of university and I have many years on these kids, but that doesn’t mean I cannot learn anything new. As this moment happened, I remembered how when I was a cabin leader, us as staff aren’t just here for the campers, they are here for us as well. There is a reason Jesus blessed the little children and their faith. He knew that the ones that were at a young age would one day rule our generation. He also knew that they could understand more than we could. If I had the amount of faith that those group of boys had at that campfire, I feel like I could be more receptive to God’s Word in so many new ways.

Jesus said if we had the faith of a mustard seed, we could move mountains. But as well, if we had the faith as one of the many campers that come to camp, our faith would be strengthened in so many new directions. One of the most famous sayings around camp is “camp is for the campers”. While I agree, it should also be noted that camp is for all of us here willing to increase in our faith. Whether we are a camper, a SALTer or a staff member, we can teach each other and learn new things every day.

Guest post by Gitis, Waterfront Director 2013

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