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Camp Jobs: Better Than an Internship

There are 100’s of thousand of camp staff across Canada every summer. At Widjiitiwin we hire 50 summer staff and at MBC we hire 110 summer staff. Lots of college/university staff start in the spring.  Now, you might think, “Why should I pursue a camp job over ...

What Do We Really Do All Year At Camp?

For camp directors, late June, July and August are hectic, exciting, fun-filled and challenging months. So what do we do the rest of the year? The question should be: What don’t we do? Camp directors work as hard in the “off-season” as they do during the actual camp sessions....

When did Jesus know He was God?

When did Jesus know He was God? The short answer is we don’t know because the Bible doesn’t tell us. We are told in the Luke 2:39-52 that as a boy of 12 Jesus knew he was the son of God and must be “in his father’s house”.  I imagine that Mary and...


Reset! Definition: to set again or anew. New beginnings inspire us, motivate us, they increase our sense of optimism in our selves and others. Maybe that is why God has built into our lives many new starting points. Every 24 hours He gives us a new day.  Every seven days He gives...

Starting a New Decade…

What does it all mean to start a new decade? A look forward and a look back. What are the things you most remember about 2019? The special days, special events and special people (kids, grand-kids, parents, friends, etc.). What are the things you most look forward to in 2020?...

What Did The Shepherds Think? by Dan Bode

Their part in the life of Christ did not end on the night of His birth. How did they feel when the angels told them of Christ’s birth? Certainly they were awestruck. They were most likely quite shocked to be chosen to receive this announcement. They were, after all, fairly...

For Unto Us a Child is Born

Once again the Christmas season is upon us and the craziness and chaos that goes along with it will continue for about another three weeks. If watching Hallmark movies with my wife in December has taught me anything it is that there are a lot of “Christmas miracles”. ...

40 Years as Moose

40 years is a lot of tradition. I first got my camp name back when I was 16 and working at Camp Ambassador. That summer every one new was named for an Archie comics character and since I was the biggest guy, Moose it was. It was also the year I grew my beard, though it had much...

The Chronicles of Widjiitiwin

This summer our camp theme is Narnia! The forests around Camp Widjiitiwin are not the friendly Hundred Acre Wood of Christopher’s childhood days. The bears here do not eat honey and a lion, not Tiggers, roam these royal lands. But hope and spring are on the way for Aslan has been...

What Would My 16 Year Old Self Would Say to Me?

Lately I’ve been wondering, “What Would My 16 Year Old Self Would Say to Me?” That’s him on the right.  Nice beard! Aren’t you glad I started it? But what happened to the colour? And where did all my hair go? I saw you on Facebook. Sure glad we...