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This World is NOT My Home

Back when I was working at Muskoka Woods in the late 80’s we had some great and popular Christian musicians come and play concerts for the campers and staff. Those influenced the music I listened to, although I was mostly into country music (yes, before it was cool). One of...

Guest Blog by Oi

Oi’s Camp Widjiitiwin Testimony Camp came into my life in a time that I was really struggling. When I moved from Australia I was very angry and bitter towards my father and towards God. The friendship group that I was involved in was unhealthy and left me lonely. I was that...

Bendable, Foldable, Malleable, and Moldable

This line has been in my blog ideas folder for a while now and I can’t remember where it came from or what I was planning to do with it. We got every bit of bendable, foldable, malleable, moldable material into me. As I got to thinking about it and talked with a few people...

Start Ups by Dan Bolin

Several friends have started new businesses. They thrive on the adrenaline rush of establishing something new and dream of creating the next great enterprise. A few have succeeded, providing products or services to many willing buyers. But some new ideas flounder. People lose...

Granite & Quartz; a Metaphor for Our Lives

I like rocks, though not geology. Granite and quartz are especially interesting as the light shines off the facets and the colours are vibrant.  We saw a diamond on a cruise that had 74 facets, 16 more than the usual cut. It glistened everywhere! Amazing! As a kid we had a rock...

A Guardian Angel Story

Matthew 18:10 See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven. A teenage girl about 17 had gone to visit some friends one evening and time passed quickly as each shared their various...

Dear God: I have a problem. It’s me!

Dear God: I have a problem. It’s me. The bad news is you have the same problem. I know the right things do do, yet I still continue to do the wrong things. I know it’s part of my human nature, but that doesn’t excuse me, or you. I know that I am supposed to act...

It’s Been Quite a Ride; a Moose Health Update

Many of you are aware of my health journey over the last 5-7 years! My health continued to get worse from 2012 until I was forced to take sick leave for the summer of 2017 (July through September). I honestly remember very little of May or June that year either. It took a lot for...

Check Out Our Facility Upgrades

Every year we need to do some work to get camp prepared for campers. Some of that is making props for our theme. Sometimes we need to build infrastructure. This year we:  Repainted the floor in the Longhouse Rebuilt the washroom at the end of the Longhouse Stain the front of the...

Mark This Spot!

“Mark This Spot!” is a new phrase my wife and I have started using (okay, mostly me). It currently relates to places where I make my wife really laugh out loud. Not just a grin for a dad joke or a sigh at some comment I have made, but really laugh. Since I started...