Chapel times at Widjiitiwin are a long standing tradition. As a Christian summer camp, we feel it is important to teach campers about God and to have them experience a worship service. We have contemporary music and the songs vary depending on the age group at camp. 

You can expect each chapel time to have prayer, Bible reading, singing and biblical teaching by our weekly camp pastor. You might also see a drama or video intro/clip. We have even done video singing for TNT.

At the end of chapel someone will close in prayer and we may do a final song. There may be time set aside as a response or reflection time or the camp pastor may be available to ask questions.

All our chapel times are lead by our passionate and dedicated summer staff. Their talents, gifts and abilities are given for the glory of God. Staff play guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and sometimes we have a banjo, violin or cello. Words are projected onto a large video screen. 

Following chapel we have our evening program or cabin time.

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