Every year we need to do some work to get camp prepared for campers. Some of that is making props for our theme. Sometimes we need to build infrastructure. This year we: 

  • Repainted the floor in the Longhouse
  • Rebuilt the washroom at the end of the Longhouse
  • Stain the front of the Longhouse
  • Replaced the blob (after rescuing the dock from the other end of Mary lake after the spring flooding)
  • Added a change room to each cabin
  • Installed two new sewage pumps (and a new well tile to house them)
  • Replaced a chlorine pump
  • Built a Tardis and a Flintstone’s car for our time travel theme
  • Installed a new fireplace insert
  • Rebuilt our canoe fleet
  • Took down a bunch of old dangerous trees
  • Replace the fascia on the Longhouse
  • Added a 3D archery activity
  • Built new picnic tables
  • Put down 10 tons of crushed stone on Widji road & dozens of filled pot holes

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