For over six months I have worked through and lived with having double vision. It’s not very much fun. The doctors have no idea why I’m seeing double. Mostly it is relegated to my right peripheral vision, but there are bad days when I see double throughout my field of vision. I don’t drive on those days. Some days I can feel my right eye, which is the one not tracking properly. It’s a very odd feeling.

I have learned so much about my eyes and the brain. The doctor tells me that the double vision is likely throughout my whole vision all the time, but the brain compensates and pushes it as far to the right as possible. That’s amazing! God has certainly designed us well.
I don’t do well at not being a strong person. I am usually fiercely independent and prefer not to rely on others for what I can for myself. Unfortunately, I discovered that I wasn’t able to do as much as I usually would or wanted to do. It has been an interesting journey. I still see double and I’m hoping to find some answers soon. Here are some of the lessons I have learned…
  • A sense of humility as I have had to depend on others to do some things that I can normally do myself.
  • Learning to let others do tasks that I would normally do. This past summer I had a great leadership team working for me at Camp Widjiitiwin that allowed me to take the down time that I needed.
  • I learned when to realize I was coming to the point of doing too much and when to relax. Sometimes this was evident by my having to have someone drive me home as I couldn’t see well enough to drive.
  • My inabilities allowed others to step up and discover that they were capable of more and we accomplished great things at camp things summer.
  • I have learned to wait somewhat patiently. Still working on that one, but that’s another blog.
  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14

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