All 4 episodes of the first season of Widji Radio, starring Grady and Jada as they experience camp at Widjiitiwin.Audio Drama

Episodes include:

  1. Grady Goes to Camp 16:47
  2. Making Friends 19:55
  3. Something Comes Hither 20:09
  4. The Master of the Mist 17:01

Widji Radio stars our campers and staff in stories that originate at camp. There is lots of opportunity for fun and adventure at camp, and this inspiration allows us to tell stories that include real events that happened to real campers and staff; not all of it of course, but the lessons learned are true to life.

In season 1, Grady learns to accept new experiences, Jada has trouble fitting in and an important lesson on fear is learned when campers each have their own challenges to overcome. Finally, the last episode sees camp locked down in an attempt to capture their beloved camp dog, Bruno, and campers have to work to save camp from the Master of the Mist!

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