IMG_20150726_191046Do you remember the first time to saw a sky full of stars? Or the first time you shot an arrow for archery? Or the first time you heard the name Jesus and it wasn’t swearing? Or scaling a climbing wall or jumped off a blob tower or been on a high ropes course or played Widji ball or learned to ride a bike or eat three full meals every day or so many camp activities that we sometimes take for granted. 

For hundreds of kids that happens every summer at Camp Widjiitiwin through our Ignite partnership camps. We are impacting one camper to impact one family to impact one neighborhood to impact three cities to impact the world!!

We’re working with local churches and agencies to engage kids and youth from at risk and marginalized neighbourhoods in a manner that leads to a transformational faith development consistent with the Truth of God’s Word. 

Ignite: A brand that clearly expresses the objectives of the program to potential partners and donors.  The campers will typically just know Camp Widjiitiwin.

  1. Ignite a desire to change their status quo, to break the cycle of poverty, or poor education or abuse or​ drugs or alcohol, ​ ​or whatever their situation is​, to be a better version of themselves, to…
  2. Ignite a spark for the love of God
  3. Ignite a passion for helping others, serving, 

A strike anywhere match has two chemical components that come together to produce the flame. It brings two things together to produce change. 

  • Widjiitiwin and our partners
  • The camper community and camp
  • Heaven & earth
  • Communities and churches/ministries


  • See how a small spark can ignite a great forest fire. James 3:5b 
  • The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5 ESV


  • Fresh Air Camp in partnership with Toronto Police, 42 Division in Malvern going into it’s 11th summer, targeting 50-60 campers.
  • Escape Camp, Hughson Street Baptist Church in Hamilton, going into its 8th summer, targeting 60 campers.
  • Royal City Camp in its 7th year partnering with Church of the City in Guelph. Plus a group of volunteers from Guelph YFC, targeting 60 campers.
  • Capstone Camp with partner Capstone Community Bible Church in Etobicoke is going into its 5th year, targeting 80 campers.
  • Ephraim’s Place Camp, from Ephraim’s Place and Church of the Nazarene in North York (Jane/Sheppard), going into its 4th year, targeting 55 campers. 

Help us send kids to camp through our Muskoka Bible Foundation, online donations are simple. 

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