During your camper’s stay at Camp Widjiitiwin, they will be playing games, attending chapel, participating in spiritual discussions and living in a peer-led environment, under the supervision of friendly and competent staff. How we meet their needs in this environment is something we take very seriously, so have a look at the topics below to discover more about the environment they will be living in.

Each of our rustic cabins has 10 bunks, with 8 campers and 2 staff. Cubbies are provided to easily stash extra items and keep the cabin clean. The walls carry the heritage of the camp, and campers are encouraged to make their mark, as a memento to return to someday.
Each end of the camp is home to a circle of 8 cabins. Each end is designated for guys or girls, and no trespassing is permitted outside of camp-wide games where the boundaries are stipulated.

Washrooms are located in each end, equipped with private showers, laundry and the necessary toilets and sinks.

Food is prepared by our camp cook based on the Canada Food Guide, and is served buffet style, with portions monitored. Campers are often treated to a salad or yogurt bar, with many selections to satisfy the most stipulative appetite. The Longhouse acts as Dining Hall, Chapel, Rock Climbing Wall and multi-purpose room.