Fifty, the BIG 5-O. I made it! It’s been a great birthday. As far as the big milestones, I guess this is one of those, but I don’t really feel like I’ve crossed some great divide. Thursday was dinner with my beautiful wife for wings at Kelsey’s. Friday was dinner at East Side Mario’s followed by coffee at Tim’s with friends that don’t get together often enough. Many laughs were had by all.

Saturday was lunch in Barrie at William’s Coffee Pub with my family followed by an hour at the Goodwill store. Then it was on to Medieval Times in Toronto for a feast and a show. We got our picture taken with the princess, met up with some camp staff, planned how we could use their ideas for a themed week at camp, I was knighted so that’ll be Sir Mike or Sir Moose if you prefer. You just can’t go wrong with dinner that you’re supposed to eat with your hands, horses, a tournament, knights, sword fights and jousting. Our champion didn’t win, but the evil interloper was defeated and the princess saved.

I have a treasure box in front of me filled with letters from friends (staff, family, co-workers & old friends). Carolyn collected these and put them together with some pictures in a treasure box. It is truly a treasure to me. As I have read the letters from people I have had to stop many times as my tears and the lump in my throat have made it impossible to continue. Some of you are just discovering that I have emotions. I appreciated the funny ones as they gave me some reprieve. One of my favourite sayings is that you can count the seeds in an apple, but not the number of apples in a seed. I have told this to decades of staff explaining that they will never know the full impact of their actions/ministry on others. I have been given a glimpse into the seeds that are now spreading seeds of their own. I have read all the notes and feel very blessed. Thank you all.

Today I’m relaxing after church, reading through my treasure box and reflecting. Time for a nap! I hear its part of the 50+ club daily routine. It’s been a great birthday.

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