What if you could be the pitcher that fills up the cups or glasses of half full people? How could we do that? What would it look like? Is the group you hang out with better or worse for you being in it? Is the room better or worse for you being in it? Or leaving it? Are people more positive and encouraged in your company? 

Here are some things I’ve learned that can help you fill the cups of glasses half full people. The first part is called Charisma Quotient © Eagles Flight.

  • Smile
  • Be decisive
  • Be knowledgeable, in your area of expertise
  • Listen first, then respond
  • Have ideas – prepare for meetings, tasks & assignments
  • Speak clearly with conviction
  • Encourage others
  • Create an atmosphere of FUN
  • Speak the truth, always
  • Be enthusiastic, it’s contagious 

And some lessons I teach our summer staff and SALTers

  • Know yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses, how you fit into a team, what your role is
  • Influence – it can be good, bad or mediocre, your choice
  • Hold others in esteem – they have intrinsic value as made in God’s image
  • Learn from others, you don’t know everything and you never will
  • Celebrate successes – individual & team, friends & family
  • Servant leadership (the leader serves all to make sure they have everything they need to succeed)
  • Example of Jesus, we don’t get a better one. Read about him in the Bible. 
  • Character; have a good one. Someone said, character is how we behave when no one is looking

We all have natural talents and abilities, but those can be enhanced by learned behaviours. We can all be better at making sure the people in our lives are encouraged and feel good about themselves. It can be at home, at work, in our neighbourhoods, at church, on the bus or subway, even at a sports event. In fact, it can be anywhere you interact with other people.

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