Merry Christmas from Camp Widjiitiwin!Merry_christmas
Registration for summer 2015 is OPEN! Give the Gift of Camp for Christmas and we’ll help you put something under the tree. Here is a certificate that you can print out and give to your child or grandchild at Christmas. After all, what better gift is there than the gift of camp? Nothing of course! And here’s why:
  1. Camp is a gift of experience
  2. Camp doesn’t require batteries
  3. You can’t break camp
  4. Camp doesn’t add clutter to your home
  5. Camp can be shared with friends
  6. Camp is a gift of fun, friendship, learning, and a special time
  7. Camp provides memories and skills that will last much longer than any other gift! merry christmas
Our 2015 themes are: Space Camp, Destination: Egypt, Cartoons & Comics and Pirates vs. Ninjas. I’m thinking about a 30 foot pyramid for Egypt week and turning the tower into a rocket ship for space camp. Anyone own a giant Sphinx or a pirate schooner?
2015 camper registration is open!
Merry Christmas,
Mike (Moose) Greenfield
Camp Widjiitiwin

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