Notes from a sermon by Tim “Tetness” Beckner @ King Bible Church
Matthew 6:1-8 give in secret, pray in secret, God will reward
Discipline: taking ownership over personal regimen. Not punishment.
  1. Always results in progress
  2. Is beneficial regardless of your attitude. As long as you follow through with your plan.
Giving: vv 1-4; there is a reward, WHEN – that you give is expected; God wants our trust to be in Him, so he disrupts our money flow, when we surrender our wealth back to God, we show our trust in Him; God deserves our first dollars.
Prayer: vv 5-8; when you pray; pray in secret; it’s about time alone with God; private!
Picture this: in their (Tim & Carolyn) long distance relationship while dating, they didn’t see each other sometimes for months. If he only texted when he was waiting for class, or at the doctor’s office or walking, she would get the idea that he only had time for her between the other things of life. In the same way, God deserves our first minutes.
What if you really believed that God saw our private moments, heard our prayers, saw our generosity and rewarded us for it. How would that change what you did?
Discipline requires prior decisions. Pre-decide for a month to give God our first $ and minutes. Trust God not our time or money.
Check your agenda, calendar and alarms to see where God fits in.
Discipline becomes a habit and then a passion.
Fasting: apply previous lessons

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