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Today is Giving Tuesday. This year we’ve been raising funds for our sponsorship camps (Fresh Air Camp – Toronto, Escape Camp – Hamilton & Royal City Camp – Guelph). We brought 200 kids to Widjiitiwin who couldn’t get there in their own. Why not be a part of our team with a year end gift today? We still need a few thousand in donations to meet our year end target! you can donate at

Want to know more about Giving Tuesday? In response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, today is set aside to consider how to give back. You are encouraged to support your favourite charities today! Please consider supporting Camp Widjiitiwin. More about Giving Tuesday in Canada at

Thank you very much for your financial partnership with Camp Widjiitiwin and the investment you have made in the lives of campers and staff. Relationships have always been at the heart of the success of Christian camping ministry and that is what most campers talk about when they get home – the friends they made. That, plus the FUN, games, food, campfires, activities and of course the Tuck Shop.

While I wasn’t looking for a new fundraising partnership, God has led us to start one with Church of the Ward in Guelph, a new church plant under FEB Central. Their pastor, Matt Naismith, is one of our Widjiitiwin camp pastors. Our new partnership week, The Royal City Camp was a wonderful success with 30 campers attending from the high needs neighbourhood of the Ward in Guelph. Campers came to Muskoka, heard about Jesus, had great meals and tried SO many new activities.

Our partnership with Toronto Police, 42 Division the Fresh Air Camp, in its seventh summer, reached the target of 115 campers, making it our largest week of 2014. Hard to believe we started with just 30 campers in 2008. A goal of the expanded campers is to show the kids that people from other neighbourhoods are good people too. We are hearing about change happening back in the community from the kids’ experiences at camp. We In addition to the 115 sponsored campers this week we had seven sponsored for our second SALT session. Six were from our Fresh Air camp and one from our Escape camp. It was amazing to see these young people get more into their faith. One of them became a Christian during SALT 2. Very exciting times!

Escape Camp, our partnership week with Hughson Street Church in Hamilton, in its third summer, reached 44 campers from inner-city Hamilton this summer. Not only do we offer them new experience outside of Hamilton, but the gospel is presented to each one and Hughson is in their neighbourhood for follow-up. We added several new activities for this week including rowing and water-skiing. What a good time was had by all.

When I started directing Camp Widjiitiwin in 2008, I recall annual donations being about $6,000 to $8,000. We have increased this amount every year since we started doing the partnership with Toronto Police in 2008 and expanding our ministry outreach. Last year our donations ask was for $99,000 and it was exceeded by the generous giving of individuals and foundations. This year our donations ask is $119,000. As God has led us into these partnerships He has generously provided the gifts to fulfill the ministry. While there is a ways to go, all things are possible with our God!

You can help send campers to Widji to experience life changing ministry. For every $425 in donations toward ministry programs, the full cost of non-ministry programs (meals, accommodations, recreation) for one camper will be contributed by MBC.

Our themes for 2015 are: Space Camp, Destination: Egypt, Cartoons & Comics and Pirates vs. Ninjas. I’m thinking about a 30 foot pyramid for Egypt week and turning the tower into a rocket ship for space camp. Anyone own a giant Sphinx or a pirate schooner?

We need you to stand with us so that Camp Widjiitiwin is a place where lives are changed in 2014 and for eternity. Won’t you join in making Camp Widjiitiwin the best place for campers to meet Jesus and grow in Him? Remember that all donations are tax deductible. Receipts will be mailed out in the new year. Donations can be made through the Muskoka Bible Foundation, making a note to designate to Camp Widjiitiwin.  Click here to donate now!

Thanks for all you can do to help!!

Mike (Moose) Greenfield
Camp Widjiitiwin

Being ambassadors for Christ to children and youth

Widjiitiwin – the way camp was meant to be… relational, central, natural, reaching out to campers, a loving community focused on Christ. It’s like coming home, it’s my camp!

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