Yesterday at Widji the UV filter unit in our water pump house went down and a new one had to be ordered. Of course this isn’t one of those ones you can just go pick up at Canadian Tire or Home Depot. That meant no water at camp for another day as the new one was shipped in from Barrie. At least it wasn’t in Calgary or Halifax. The expected price was to be about 2 bones. I quickly discovered that meant about $2000. This was of course an unplanned for expense and would pretty much blow the water & sewer budget, which is just $1000 for the season. Bummer.

Last month we had a youth group come to camp for a retreat. This wasn’t a planned retreat, but was prompted by the youth group booing the youth pastor when he announced they were to attend another camp for their retreat. The original conversation was that there would be 20-25 for the retreat. The final number came in at 42. That came out to a bill of $3675. Even taking off for the food and staffing costs we did well.

You see where this is going don’t you. Last month we had a surprise youth retreat and this month we had a surprise expense. God wasn’t surprised by either event or that the fact that first event would provide more than enough income to cover this additional expense. I’m not saying that it will always work out this way, but

God went ahead of us…


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