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By the time I came to the realization that camp had started, it was already half over. Four weeks of kids have come and gone, the fifth week in full swing. As I sit in my office and write this, I am beginning to understand that the cliche “time flies” holds far too much truth. The summer is half over, and I honestly don’t know whether or not I have had any influence on the lives of either staff or campers. But that’s the nature of camp.

Each moment is hectic, packed with adventure, a constant hum of chatter in the air. With hardly a moment to take it all in, the day, week, month, is over, and there’s no getting it back. It truly is a time of trusting that God is using you for the glory of His kingdom! This may sound like a recipe for disastrous burnout: insufficient sleep, perpetual noise, energetic children, and copious amounts of caffeine (in various forms), but it can also result in renewed faith in God for staff and campers alike.

Ten weeks of camp may sound unsustainable to some, and it definitely can be, but dependence on Christ can radically turn a person from hopelessness to the anticipation of better days. Burnout happens when a person doesn’t make it a priority to fully process each day and spend time in communion with God. Yes, it is difficult to find or make time for that, and yes, it is difficult to process that much information, and yes, the end of camp may leave you in a state of withdrawal. You will miss every chaotic circumstance you found yourself in, so take time to cherish every bit of it.

Today, the final day of July, the middle of summer, the halfway point for most of the staff, I realize that I have not been doing that. I have been chugging too much coffee, sending too many emails, and putting too much effort into cabin lists. At the end of this month, I can say that I helped bring kids to camp, but I did I really know any of them? July has flown by, a whirlwind of fun and adventure, but did I make each moment count? Did I form meaningful relationships with campers? Did I encourage the staff like I should have? Did I do enough? My instinct says no.

There is always more I can do, more I can say, more I can give, until there isn’t. Camp is busy, but making time to take it all in is what truly makes it count. I’m not here to be an administrative machine (although some days I’d like to be); I’m here to help change lives. I want to be a catalyst for change, somebody who pours God’s love into others and is sure to be filled herself. It will be demanding and tiring, but I believe that it is the reason I’m here. I want to bring glory to God, not to myself. Half of the summer has come and gone, but the other half is my second chance, my time to make it count.

So with that, good-bye, July, and hello August!


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