2016-11-17-14-12-07I like rocks, though not geology. Granite and quartz are especially interesting as the light shines off the facets and the colours are vibrant. 

We saw a diamond on a cruise that had 74 facets, 16 more than the usual cut. It glistened everywhere! Amazing! As a kid we had a rock tumbler that polishes rocks smooth. It took days to get them smooth through a variety of steps and grits of abrasive. They would shine nicely in the end. They shone but not the same as that diamond.

One day during my rough period, when I was struggling with my health downfall in 2017, I went for a walk back though the bush by our house, following a snow mobile trail. To be truthful I was angry with God for the way I was felling physically, mentally and spiritually. I yelled and cried. He listened. I came across a section of granite that had been partially broken up (maybe even blown up). The mix of colours was wonderful and facets (flat smooth spots) were reflective in the sunlight in the midst of the rougher rock and my rough time. I noticed that the shiny quartz is most often mixed in with other rock types, mostly dull, so it shines out. 

It seems to me this must be a metaphor for my life. There are times when I am shiny and doing it right. There are days that are rough, reminding me of the health crisis that brought me down. In truth, my life, and yours, is a mix of the highs and lows all rolled into one life. We need to remember to praise and thank God for both. One is easy, the other is often quite hard. But remember that God can take all our feelings, our being upset, even angry with Him. If you need proof of that, read some of David’s Psalms where he rails against God. 

So, whether your day is more like granite or like quartz, praise God is all your circumstances.

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