This guest post is by Widjiitiwin camp pastor Boyardee (Michael Bowyer). Follow @BowyerX on Twitter.

As many pray and send their condolences there is an odd backlash or a complaint about prayer and religion as religious fanatics carried out recent atrocities. No religious group is without horrific atrocities and the destruction of humanity. Just briefly look at the cages in Munster that still hang to this day. Christians point and declare the evil of terrorists, politicians on the Democratic Debate call ISIS out one minute and support Planned Parenthood the next, we cannot continue to demonize terrorists and kill the unborn, or demonize prostitution yet allow a Billion dollar porn industry to perpetuate. We can if we want to ignore Jesus. We can ignore His teachings if we want to be secular Christians that love tradition with fish on Fridays and adultery whenever we want. Many of my Muslim friends live and love their traditions, holidays, culture, family, and way of life but admittedly they follow the Qur’an as much as we follow the fulfillment of the Law in the New Testament.

There’s probably Christians who just read that and have no idea what I mean.

Here’s three massive foundational teachings of Jesus that could start a fight, get you killed or laughed at; you must be born again, love your enemies, & bless those who persecute you. I call for us to stop being religious, to stop being self-righteous and pretending to follow what Sean Collins calls a fairy-tale or a Saviour, a Prophet, or a Religion that we know little about. Read, reflect, discern, embrace authenticity, pretending helps you fit in but it isn’t leadership and it lacks integrity. I mean there’s more talk about accepting refugees than there is about stopping the bombs, conflict and violence that causes them flee their homelands.

My Grandfather used to say ‘if the water’s dirty, look up river’ go to the source not just the conflict but discern why there is a conflict in the first place and be honest about it, realize that democracy is often just a way to hide the corruption set in place to manage wealth.

Truth is the most unpopular commodity of humanity, we do not like to trade it, reveal it, abide by it, rest in it, or know it, it would be far too devastating.

Therefore, the answer individually is to live in and by grace and mercy.

An outpouring of love, concern, and affection is better than ignoring the trauma and tragedy of a situation, of loss. Just ask a vet on Remembrance Day or two parents in Newmarket that lost their three children and father. Love is patient, love is kind, it keeps no record of wrongs, it always hopes, always trusts… love is relational, an exchange of our humanity. For the world to ignore the suffering and tragedy say like we have ignored a bomb in Beirut, or Syria, the abuse, slavery, and hunger of children would be or I offer is much worse. Silence in the face of a person’s grief is inhumane.
With love,

Michael (Boyardee) Bowyer

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