Salty SALTSix years ago, God had a way bigger plan for me through SALT that I expected. Here are six ways that SALT shaped me:

1. Peace with God through hardship – I have a sister who has an illness that has taken away many of her physical abilities. I was very mad at God for about 4 years because of this. While telling my testimony during the canoe trip at SALT, I broke down crying as I shared with them about my sister. My SALT crew listened and prayed compassionately. This was the first step towards finding peace with God after a long journey of anger.

2. Working at Widji – Because SALT was such a faith-building and hilariously fun experience, God led me to work at Widji for 4 full summers. Every summer, the Lord taught me lessons both grand and small – all of which brought me closer to Him. On a practical note, in job interviews these days, I often reference skills and experience I gained at Widjiitiwin.

3. Meaningful friendships – A handful of my fellow SALTers are still in my life today – shout out to Zap (happy 6 year frienneversary!) and shout out to my man Gump (#gumpberry). In my first year of university, I ended up living in the same residence as a girl from my SALT cabin, which just so happened to be right beside the residence of another SALT girl! And shout out to each Widji staff and volunteer I interacted with while working at Widji!

4. Role models – I still look up to my cabin leaders. I appreciate everything they taught me at SALT. They encouraged me, prayed for me, and washed my feet (literally and figuratively). Now, they are still great examples of godly women and I admire them! (You go, Gauzit, Citavo, Fiddy, and Stitch!)

5. Discovery of new connections with God – The first week of SALT, I wasn’t too impressed with being outside so much because I just wasn’t used to that. The canoe trip changed my attitude quite quickly as I experienced the outdoors in a new way – a way that taught me that I love to worship God in nature!

6. Moments I’ll remember forever – Like when the people at Dairy Queen gave a SALTer free fries because he was carrying a plastic duck (love ya, Pablo). Or when we crawled on the forest floor during Mission Impossible. One memory that sticks out to me the most is the night we spent praising God with songs like Your Love is Extravagant around the campfire at new area.

I really didn’t think that SALT would be so impactful but here I am, six years later, praising God for all of it.


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