happy-canada-day-sticker-card-in-vector-format_GkbrRfs__LHappy Canada Day!!

We’re 151 this year. In 1867 the Dominion of Canada came into being as an act of British Parliament and with royal assent from Her Majesty, Queen Victoria.

Our Canadian motto, a mari usque ad mare, as seen on the coat of arms, is the Latin rendering of a line from Psalm 72:8: “from sea to sea.” He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. (KJV) 

As Canadians we have a LOT to celebrate. Canadians have long been the peacekeepers on the world stage.

Here are 27 excellent Canadian inventions: insulin, basketball, the telephone, ice hockey, Superman, IMAX, the egg carton, standard time zones, walkie talkies, the rotary snow blower, peanut butter, the Canadarm, poutine, Nanaimo bar, butter tarts, Trivial Pursuit, the Robertson screw, snowmobiles, lacrosse, the wonder bra, pablum, plexiglass, the Blackberry, zippers, garbage bags, paint rollers and the foghorn!! 

Plus we are pretty famous for Tim Horton’s and maple syrup! 

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