Grandpa Greenfield 1926If you could spend a day with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

Here are a few suggestions I thought of: Jesus, a prime minister or president, a famous actor or musician/composer or author, the guys who walked the Emmaus road with Jesus (Luke 24:13-35), Moses or Joseph or Joshua or David or Caleb from the Bible, Ben Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Mark Twain, Einstein, your past or future self maybe. 

For me, I choose my Grandpa Greenfield. I would love to hear his voice again, to hear him repeat his stories, play a game of crib, go out and do some maple syrup. To relive my memories. My grandpa was a pharmacist (inspector and chief inspector), a Mountie (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), a journeyman carpenter (I have his journey man’s toolbox). In no particular order…

  • I remember his house at Speyside where we did maple syrup together. He inspired me to do it myself later in life and share it with my girls. And one day with Olivia and her cousins. 
  • I remember learning to play bridge and cribbage. After I knew how to play grandpa always wanted to play “cut throat”, that meant he got my points that I forgot to count.
  • I remember my cousin Ken & I staying with him in Meaford for a few weeks in the summers.
  • I remember Ken & I sneaking into grandpa’s liquor cupboard and trying a few of his beverages. I remember that sherry is sweet.
  • I remember him telling us stories about being the RCMP. Stories like, The Horses Et Em, where a horse east fish. He told it MUCH better. And other stories about his travels or working a case on the drug squad. He wrote a book, called Drugs Mostly about his adventures.
  • I remember visiting him out west in Penticton, BC in the Okanagan Valley for summer vacation.45db850b-c009-45b2-ad7a-116834434df3 (1)
  • I remember helping him make up TV dinners he could eat later. I remember they weren’t as good as I thought they would taste.
  • I remember him teaching me lessons in his shop. My first task was to round a piece of are stock. I remember using a piece of glass to make it smooth. 
  • I remember taking time off from camp to visit him in the hospital the year before he died.
  • I remember moving him into an old age home and him moving himself back to Meaford. 

I was just 20 when he died and I was very sad, but I remember!

True inheritance is found in the values, commitments and beliefs that are passed from one generation to the next, and the next, and the next. The significance of our lives will be seen in the values, commitments and beliefs that ripple from us into the generations that follow. 

How about you? Who would you want to spend a day with?

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