We also have a name now for the partnership ministry – IGNITE.  We needed something to build a brand around so we can clearly express the objectives of the program to potential partners and donors.  The campers will typically just know Camp Widjiitiwin.

  1. Ignite a desire to change their status quo, to break the cycle of poverty, or poor education or abuse or​ drugs or alcohol,​ ​or whatever their situation is​, to be a better version of themselves, to…
  2. Ignite a spark for the love of God
  3. Ignite a passion for helping others, serving,

A strike anywhere match has two chemical components that come together to produce the flame. It brings two things together to produce change.

  • Camp Widjiitiwin and our partners
  • The camper community and camp
  • Heaven & earth
  • Communities and churches/ministries


  • See how a small spark can ignite a great forest fire. James 3:5b 
  • The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5 ESV

Our Partners

  • Toronto Police 42 Division in Toronto
  • Hughson Street Baptist Church in Hamilton 
  • Church of the City in Guelph
  • Capstone Community Bible Church in Etobicoke
  • Ephraim’s Place in North York

Relationships have always been at the heart of the success of Christian camping ministry and that is what most campers talk about when they get home – the friends they made. That, plus the FUN, games, food, campfires, activities and of course the Tuck Shop.

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