touchstoneListening to Dr. Deborah Gilboa (@AskDocG) at the Ontario Camps Association conference, it got me thinking about how we use rocks as foundations and touchstones. I got a great exercise we’ll do with staff this summer from it too. We need that touch back to our past to reassure ourselves that we are okay to keep going.

Is Camp Widjiitiwin a rock/foundation or touchstone for you? For many of us our greatest spiritual decisions were made at camp. Whether that’s to become a Christian, get serious about our relationship with Christ, reinventing your life with Christ, commit to full-time ministry or repent.

Camp serves as a “touchstone” in many lives.  A “touchstone” is a talisman or comfort object one needs only to see or touch to feel more at ease. A place where something significant happened. Something that really matters. Something that touches them deep inside and draws them back to this sacred place.

Cabin leaders and leadership staff perform this function during the summer for the campers and each other. It’s part of the community we build each year that becomes part of the memories we treasure from camp.

For campers, camp is a touchstone of people, activities and events on which they can depend each summer. I used to visit the camp I grew up at whenever I could and could “feel” the presence of God when I drove back onto the property. There is something about the place of our spiritual home that compels us to do better and be better for the Kingdom. If Widjiitiwin is that place for you, please drop in this summer to relive some memories, touch the past and see what the future of camp looks like on the faces of this summer’s campers and staff.

Camp Widjiitiwinthe way camp was meant to be… relational, central, natural, reaching out, a loving community focused on Christ. It’s like coming home, it’s my camp!


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