Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?

This quote from Corrie Ten Boom was the opening question at one of our small group meetings (thanks Lisa). We all paused! And in the quiet we had time to think and reflect.

My hesitant answer was yes?!. It sounded a little uncertain, even to me. For me, I think it depends on the situation. Is prayer your first attempt (steering wheel) or your last-ditched effort (spare tire)?

As a spare tire, prayer is saved for crisis situations or when you think you have something REALLY BIG you need God for; those crises can be health, relationship, work, and family, financial, spiritual or emotional issues. You’re not even sure how to pray and find yourself struggling when you need prayer. There are times when we treat prayer as a last resort. Nothing else has worked, so I guess we should pray!!

The steering wheel is needed every moment that you’re in the car. It’s what drives our life. In this case prayer is central to opening ourselves to receive God’s help and direction. Does your prayer life guide you in every facet of your life? Is it something you have your hands on every waking moment of the day? 

How do you answer that question? 

  • Why did you choose your answer?
  • When do you pray, morning or evening? Why? For how long?
  • Do you pray just before meals? 
  • How about praying without ceasing? 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Prayer should not be your spare tire, but it must be your steering wheel. Because…

  • Prayer protects us.
  • Prayer changes things, including us.
  • Prayer keeps you in the will of God.
  • Prayer draws you closer to God.
  • Prayer makes you happy.
  • Prayer gives hope.
  • Prayer makes you less selfish.
  • Prayer heals you from all pain.
  • Prayer makes you stronger spiritually.

F.B. Meyer said, “The greatest tragedy in life is not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer.”

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