“Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created…” Esther 4:14

Aloha! My name is Kyra, and I am excited to begin my first season at Camp Widjiitiwin as the Camp Admin for the summer and “intern” for the following eight months, whatever that means to Moose! I, like many other people, have often wondered where God is leading me and how He is shaping my future. I find myself constantly thinking about what my next steps will be, something that, as a college graduate, people often question. My Type A personality means that I always want to be in control of the circumstances I find myself in, and I tend to get fairly anxious when things do not go as I hoped.

If you had met me two years ago, you might be very surprised at the girl you saw. I was in a serious relationship which I thought was heading towards marriage, I was applying to school for Social Service Work programs with an end goal of working directly with people who have mental health disorders. I found my value and significance in what other people thought of me and what I could accomplish on my own. As Widji is definitely not a “social work position,” my life has clearly gone a very different direction since then.

I ended up getting my diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services, something that most people scoff at and wonder what kinds of jobs that could ever get me. I am no longer dating that guy for many reasons, and I am enjoying being single for the next little while. I heard about Widjiitiwin through working at MBC for the last couple of summers, and when I asked Moose if he’d be interested in having an Intern throughout the winter, he said something along the lines of, “That would be amazing!” (Notice: This is not a direct quote.) I was ecstatic, as this opportunity came along at a time when I was preparing to move to a place I absolutely did not want to go. I was begging God for another option, and He provided Widji at just the right time.

Now that I have been here for a little over two weeks, I am really looking forward to what God has in plan for this camp, the staff, and the campers over the next 4 months, as well as myself for the next year(s) of my life. I have no idea what any of the next 365 days will look like, and while that scares me, I know that God has placed me here for a reason and I can’t wait to find out what that is. In the Bible, Esther finds herself in the king’s favour, even though the rest of the Jews are being persecuted. Her cousin points out that “maybe she was born for a time such as this,” and that she has an opportunity to save her people and show off the power of God. (Esther 4 has more context for this.) I stumbled across this verse by chance just the other day, and while at first it didn’t mean a lot to me, it is now a verse that I am clinging to. I may have no idea where God is taking me or what His purpose is, but I know that He has created me for a reason, and that I can only trust in Him to find out what that is.

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