Derwent Reservoir, Derbyshire, England

It’s important to keep your spiritual reservoir full. How are you doing with that? Need a little help or motivation? This is true especially when you are part of the spiritual feeding of others. 

Spiritual Disciplines

  • Bible reading, try a daily reading plan. Just four chapters a day will get you though the Bible in a year. 
  • Prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving and petitions; for loved ones, often these need to be ongoing.
  • Fellowship with fellow Christians, at church, small group, at work, Bible study, neighbours
  • Having a spiritual mentor, someone who is ahead of you on their journey with God and can offer prayer and spiritual encouragement
  • Personal devotions, daily as best as possible 
  • Being in God’s creation; nature has a way to show us the God through His creation. Sitting in the middle of the woods listening to the wind in the trees waiting on God. 
  • Having a grateful heart attitude for all that God has given each of us. 
  • Meditation on God’s Word
  • Reflection on the person and work of Jesus. Remember that the God of the universe came down from heaven, became human, bled and died on the cross for our salvation. 

Discipline, Desire & Delight

These are stages of our seeking God. It takes work. You need a plan. Life is SO busy that you can’t just happen into it. You need something that triggers a response in you. But you don’t want to – it’s easier to act you way into a new way of feeling than feel your way into a new way of acting.

The 5 Ones by Faith Baptist Muskoka – read more here

  1. WORD: One-On-One Time I Spend With God Each Day
  2. WORSHIP: One Worship Service I Attend Each Week
  3. GROUP: One Group I Attend Regularly
  4. SERVE: One Ministry I Serve In Regularly
  5. REACH: One Friend I Reach For Christ

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