It’s a Camp Thing

by Shooby

I had always heard people talking about camp, and the things that had happen, and they always ended with “it’s a camp thing”. I never got it, I never knew what “it’s a camp thing” meant. Staying up till all hours of the night with homesick campers, taking care of a cabin of young kids, and living with the same 25-30 people all summer. This never appealed to me. I always had a depiction of camp being this place for only those who had a lot of patience. Which was not me in any way. I had worked at Muskoka Bible Centre in Kids Min and Youth Min for four summers and this was the most camp experience I thought I needed. But God had other plans for me, in the summer of 2017 I start volunteering at Camp Widjiitiwin.

I came on site not knowing what to expect, I thought it might be awkward, that I might be on the outside, and not feeling welcomed. I got the exact opposite, I never once felt out of place, I felt welcomed into this camp. It truly was “a camp thing”. They constantly encouraged the volunteers, helped anywhere when needed, and they all were here to teach kids about God.

I think most people don’t fully understand the aspect of camp where you just become one big family, you are all here for the same reason, you are all going through similar struggles and well camp is just a fun time all round. So this “camp thing” can only be explained by saying when you put a group of young teens all together with the same mission and ideas you create an environment that is full of positivity. Even when your tired, and sick, and you were up late with homesick campers, you start the day with some of your best friends who are all going through the same things, and it brings a smile to your face because you are all here to share the word of God with these kids.

When people ask me way I decided to work at Camp Widjiitiwin this summer, and not MBC the first thing that comes to mind is “it’s a camp thing” because it truly is.

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