laurenTo say that I love camp would be a massive understatement. Even though I never went to, nor have I worked at an overnight camp before, and there are only a few of us here right now, I do not doubt this for a second.  It’s a pretty obvious thing, but camp is just so much fun. The community of believers is incredible, the learning that happens both in chapel sessions and in the general day-to-day is a blessing, and finally you drop it in the middle of beautiful Muskoka… In my opinion it doesn’t get much better.

One of the best things I’ve experienced so far has not been anything that has happened since I arrived. It has simply been the fact that I AM here.  For a couple different reasons, I almost didn’t apply. But I really needed a job, so I applied to be a cabin leader.  When I was asked to consider the role of Co-Program Director, I was overwhelmed with gratitude to God for providing such an amazing opportunity and answer to prayer.  Then when over the staff work-weekend I was told that I was an answer to prayer for camp, I was even more overwhelmed by how awesome God’s plans are, and felt so completely blessed to be a part of them.  Witnessing this amazing work that God has done before camp even starts has made me so excited to see what awesome things he is going to do during the summer; with the camp in general, in the campers, and in myself and the rest of the staff.

DSC_0062 smallWhile I’ve only been here 3 weeks so far, it feels like a lot longer and at the same time like it has been no time at all. It can be difficult starting in a new environment where you don’t really know anyone, you don’t know the customs, and you don’t fully know what to expect, but within a few days of being here it felt like home.  I cannot wait to see and experience the great friendships that will form in a God-centered community such as camp. 

With under 2 weeks left of spring crew, the organizer/planner in me is starting to freak out but I am confident in God’s ability to turn my feeble planning into a magnificent summer.  The themes are definitely bringing out my inner nerd.  So far we’ve got super fun ideas for Battle of the Ends, some pretty cool crafts, the usual awesome outdoor activities (of which archery and canoeing are my personal favourites), additional activities for free time, and overall a great staff who can’t wait to make this summer the best one campers have had yet!  I am especially looking forward to the impact our sponsored weeks will have and I pray that the kids who come will be blessed by the gospel and the ministry of camp.  I know the summer will be exhausting but I could not be more excited!


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