I Pray 4 you TeeCamp Widjiitiwin is the kind of Christian environment where other people will stop you and ask if they can pray for you. We gather each weekday morning at 7:00 a.m. for prayer and encouragement. Staff supporting each other is a big part of living in this tight Christian community. 

I always love getting notes or emails from people that tell they have been praying for me. I’m a LOT less excited when someone tells me they will pray for me. I know that I have walked away having said that very thing, but in fact, never prayed for them. 

Instead, take time right now to pray for someone who God brings to your mind. We would appreciate your prayers for Widjiitiwin too. Here are a few prayer requests for Widji. 

  • For campers – registration numbers and life changes
  • For summer staff – that we’ll have the right staff for 2017
  • For summer camp pastors
  • For safety in programs and activities
  • For the Directors – Mike Greenfield & Josh Laverty
  • For the summer leadership team
  • For donations to meet our ministry needs. This year we need $175,000

Thanks for praying!!

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