Mark This Spot!” is a new phrase my wife and I have started using (okay, mostly me). It currently relates to places where I make my wife really laugh out loud. Not just a grin for a dad joke or a sigh at some comment I have made, but really laugh. Since I started this there are a lot more spots she has laughed. Usually with me. 

It got me thinking about other spots that I have marked. 

  • Past job locations (five camps, CP Moving Systems and CCI/Canada) 
  • Places we have lived (Toronto, Muskoka Woods, Rosseau and Utterson/Port Sydney)
  • Schools we have attended (grade schools, high schools, OBC)
  • Vacation destinations (camping trips, family vacations, Sedona & the Grand Canyon, a Caribbean cruise, smokey mountains, Tennessee, Myrtle Beach, plus many more)
  • Hikes we have done in Algonquin Park (10 so far)
  • Life events like our engagement (on the steps of a church in Curries) and wedding, the births of our girls and grand-kids, school graduations, weddings, etc.
  • Places of significant happenings in our lives. One of these for me is the place in the hall of Camp Ambassador where I gave my life to Christ. 
  • And a few health issues like my sick leave for post concussion syndrome. 
  • I still struggle to drive by the spot where I rode my truck 60 feet down an embankment on my way to work. I still slow down almost 9 years after the accident. 

What are the places or happenings in your life that might make you say, “Mark This Spot!“.

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