IMG_20151222_152703Ever since I can remember, my dad had a jar of scotch mints or jelly beans in his office. When I got a desk and my own office I started a similar tradition. I started with rockets candy and discovered they were too addicting. Then I tried M & M Peanuts, but discovered they got eaten by others (Mud) too fast for me to be able to afford them. It was going to cost me over $600 per year. Needless to say I needed to find something that wasn’t so expensive. I settled on scotch mints. Like father like son it turns out. Also, people don’t tend to eat more than a couple at one time. 

A few times I have given a mint jar to someone as a start for their new office. This Christmas I sent small jars to my 2015 Widji summer leadership staff. They spent a lot of time eating mints in my office. We even debated the virtues of pink or green mints. It always comes back to the white ones for me. 

A new tradition has begun. I hope they like it!

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